Electric socket installation Singapore

“Flick, flick!” Where’s the light? Why is it not switching on?

Perhaps you have a faulty switch, or it might have simply been too long since you installed the socket and you just need a replacement. Your last straw: when your light doesn’t turn on even after you have flicked the switch multiple times just before you enter the bathroom- it gets on your nerves, doesn’t it?

It might also be the case, whereby, the socket is too far across your spacious home and you need one nearby in order to plug in your laptop charger so you can work without any interference.

Or maybe, you just want to control the lighting ambience while you are having dinner in the living room so that you can enjoy a sumptuous meal with your family during bonding time.

Fret not, at Electrician Singapore, we have a team of licensed electricians who can help you to replace them in no time. Soon, your lights and electrical appliances will work just fine. Not only will you be enjoying the convenience of having a socket nearby, your ideal 21st century smart home environment will arrive very soon.
It doesn’t come as a surprise, of course, that sockets and switches come in many varieties and each one is a little different from another.Here are some examples of the common sockets we have in Singapore:


Here are some examples of the common types of switches in Singapore