HDB Electrical Wiring Singapore

Does your HDB need electrical wiring

Before you engage us for electrical wiring in your HDB apartment, please ensure that your HDB flat’s current electrical loading limit is 40 amps and above. Flat owners need not apply for HDB permit if the electrical loading capacity of your apartment is higher than 40 amps. In particular, newer flats which are developed after 1 January 1994 would typically have gone through Main Upgrading Programme (MUP)/ Home Improvement Programme (HIP)If you are unsure whether or not your apartment has an electrical loading limit of 40 amps and above, please check with this website. It should be noted that flats without the approved electrical loading capacity of 40 amps will require an HDB permit to install new 15 amps power points for air conditioners or other higher capacity equipment.

Some guidelines on what would require a permit before electrical wiring or works could be carried out:
Types of Electrical WorkSubject to the Following Guidelines/ Conditions
New 15amps power point or 20amps isolator

  • Appliances with electrical rating exceeding 15amps power is not allowed
  • 20amps isolator is only allowed for air-conditioner installation
Flats provided with 30amps main switch:
  • No embedding of wiring (housed in metal/ high impact PVC conduit) in RC slab, beam, column, wall, in wall plaster or other finishes
  • Submit the SPSL Form CS/5H endorsed by HDB to SPSL for testing of the new wiring