Electrical Services Singapore

We are reliable specialists when it comes to electrical services

With more than 7 years of experience in this industry, we have met and diagnosed a wide variety of electrical issues that require us to crack our brains to resolve. All you need to do to get your electrical systems up and running is to give us a quick call. Due to the deep experience in this field, we will be able to gauge the type of electrical service(s) that you need once you highlight to us your concerns.

This is a summary of what we can do (click on each one to find out more):

Electrical Installation – whether it is light installations (LED or not), installation of dryers, washing machines, air-conditioner, we can help you set it up and get it running.

Electrical Repair - Is there a sudden power failure stopping the supply of electricity? Is there a short circuit? Did your bulb fail to light up? We can help you restore them back to normal conditions

Electrical Wiring – To organize your wires for accessibility and for your convenience. If multiple wires are installed, we will install them in conduits to ensure safety and reliability. We do electrical wiring in both residential locations as well as in a commercial contextIt is definitely not worth skimping on electrical services. Hiring a licensed electrician from us is an assurance of safety and quality to your loved ones and co-workers.