Electrical Installation Singapore

Have you just renovated recently? Do you want all the electrical functions in your house to be up and running in no time?


“Where is the socket?!”

It can be frustrating for you when the Power Points you need are not well distributed in your house. When you want to find a socket to plug in your laptop’s charger, you hope to have one nearby. You do not wish to go around in your house finding a socket and then connect a wire from your living room all the way to the laptop in your room. This can make your house messy and disorganised, not to mention that it is a source of fire hazard that can pose a danger to your loved ones

This will not happen with us. At Electrician Singapore, we carry out various types of home electrical services such as the electrical installation of basic electrical appliances including ceiling fans, refrigerators, light installation (both LED and non-LED) and circuit breaker installation in residential areas.

It is also our duty to assign licensed electricians to conduct installations for electrical systems above a certain voltage (in accordance to EMA’s standards and regulations).

Such a job is not to be left to anyone.

Leave it to us, we have more than 7 years experience in the industry. We are experts at electrical installations for your ultimate convenience after having installed more than 200 appliances and power points.


Contact us if you need:

1. Installation of sockets, outlets, and switches

2. Installation of new Lighting fixtures (LED or non-LED), including festive lightings in mini-fairs and trade fairs

3. Electrical Installation of data points, SVC points, TV, and entertainment centers

4. Installation of energy saving devices

5. Installation of Security and safety devices (CCTVs)

6. Other common electrical installations (refrigerators, oven, light installation, circuit breaker, air conditioner, electrical water heaters etc)


If you need us to carry out the electrical installation to run the electrical appliances and systems such as those stated above, just drop us an email. We will reply by the next working day and set up an appointment with you.