Condominium Electrical Wiring In Singapore

Is your condominium apartment going through any renovation? Do you need help with electrical wiring ?

As condominiums tend to have higher security measures, it is important that you coordinate with us so that we can access your apartment to carry out the necessary work. Besides, as part of our responsibility, we will request for the apartment owners to remove any valuable, fragile and expensive possessions in the vicinity of our electrical wiring works. This is so that our electrical works could be carried out unobstructed and free from any kind of accidents.

In comparison to HDB, condominiums are also smaller and have less standardized apartments. Hence, electrical wiring works might be slightly different from those done in public housing. But, be rest assured that we will always do an assessment of your apartment before conducting any kind of works, so that your needs are well met.

Since condominiums do not have any official statistics regarding electrical works, we would also request your to provide us with the electrical capacity of your power points or of the specific appliances you may want us to conduct electrical works on.