Our Services?

Electrician Singapore can provide:
  • Electrical Installation – whether it is light installations (LED lights included), installation of dryers, washing machines or air-conditioners, we can help you set it up
  • Electrical Repair & Troubleshooting- Is there a sudden power failure stopping the supply of electricity? Is there a short circuit? Did your bulb fail to light up? We can help you restore them back to normal working conditions
  • Electrical Wiring – To organize or install new wires for your accessibility and convenience. If multiple wires are installed, we will install them in conduits to ensure safety and reliability

Electrical Installation

Hiring the Right Electrician for your Electrical Installation job in Singapore

Nothing is more annoying than when your refrigerator stops working and the food you are about to eat turns foul or when your microwave oven is not heating up your food when you are hungry. How about when a renovation needs to be done for your house? Electrical wiring and installation is a headache to families that require a quick setup so that things can function smoothly.

When things get out of control and you have more important matters to attend to, this is when tasks start piling up.

If you cannot resolve these problems, your first intuition will be to search for licensed electricians to solve the problem for you. However, with so many professional electricians available for hire in Singapore's job market, it raises an important question:


"How do I hire the right person?"

Licensed Electrician

If you are looking for a skilled & licensed electrician to resolve your issues, you have come to the right place

Here at Electrician Singapore, we have electricians specializing in various types of electrical services including electrical installations and repairs. This means that they are trained and highly skilled to render just the right type of electrical service that you need. Not only are our team comprised of licensed electricians, they are also equipped with the right tools and knowledge to carry out their electrical installations. The finished project is guaranteed to be high quality, compliant with Energy Market Authority’s (EMA) regulations and safe for your family and co-workers.

Our previous projects are proof of our credible service in electrical installations. Our clients are highly satisfied with our services. The electrical services that we provide are both high quality and yet, reasonably priced to match your needs.